Boutique Style Wedding & Event Services

by Stephanie Stardust


In My World We Do Things Your Way

Let's get to the heart of what really matters and that's the wedding you've always wanted. 

With 10+ years of experience, awards, and raving testimonials, you won't be stressing your decision to hire Royal Beats.


'We are all born of Stardust and Mystical Melodies!

 I am passionate about connecting people with their inner magic through music. My belief is that music is the universal language of love and dancefloors bring people closer to each other. I'm known for bringing high vibrations to my sets and a flair for creating a positive environment that allows the crowd to completely let go and have an extraordinary experience.

My philosophy for Royal Beats is to provide a service that is fit for Queens and Kings like you because I believe everybody should be treated like royalty! In my castle, I invite people to have some fun and break a few of the regal rules! My brand revolves around igniting the spark in others by treating them with high regard and providing them with a space where songs speak beyond their words. You can rely on me to serve you with sophisticated, state-of-the-art sound and a side of sass, no matter what the occasion!'

I'm on a Mission!

Sharing the magic of music is my mission! I’m committed to treating every event as if it was a royal affair. The dance floor is my castle where Everyone is treated like a queen and king. I am dedicated to powering your party with pure energy, passion, and an aura of professionalism. No matter what the occasion, you can trust me to deliver elite services paired with high-tech equipment and a vivacious personality.

Royal Vision 

I believe in sharing music in a way that moves people. My dream is to create dancefloors that allow everyone to drop their baggage and lose themselves in the music and the moment. I love the way a melody can act as a thread that weaves its way through the crowd and connects everyone in an uproar of familiar song lyrics. My vision for the world is more music, deeper connections on the dancefloor, and co-creating unforgettable experiences!

"Epic, Fun & Friendly DJ!

Steph came recommended and she was epic! We wanted a wedding DJ who was gay friendly. On the big day she was super low maintenance setting up, and was a great MC & DJ! My guests didn't want to get off of the dance floor. She did exactly what we wanted despite not doing some traditional things. Many guests commented how awesome she was!!! Dancing started during dinner and didn't end until we had to! She was a great entertainer and DJ! She's super low stress to deal with and made everything happen!" 

​Elizabeth, Bride