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Royal Beats DJ Services​


Come Dance in My Castle

Royal Beats Aims to Create Magical Moments through Music. 

Known for bringing Positive Energy and Fostering an Inclusive, Dance-Friendly Environment, this DJ can get a Party Moving. 

If you're ready to plan a Regal Celebration, Stephanie is happy to hear about how she can best serve your upcoming occasion.

Get to Know DJ Stardust

DJ Stardust  

In 2022, Stephanie was invited to perform at the DJ Takeover in Las Vegas and the Marquee Show in Chicago.  She's taken the time to learn new techniques, programs and equipment in order to perform out of state. Over the past few years, Steph has become more versatile as both a DJ & MC. She handles Weddings, Private Events & Clubs with Ease. There's no telling where she will end up next! Keep your eyes on DJ Stardust!

Thank You for making Royal Beats a Top 3 Wedding DJ in CT!! 

Without your votes, Royal Beats couldn't have placed in the Top 3 four times in the past 5 years! These awards validate your satisfaction and Stephanie's commitment to making Royal Beats an investment in Entertainment. She continues to make efforts to change the face and reputation of Mobile DJs.  

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DJ Takeover in Las Vegas Feb. 2022 Video by Armani Entertainment

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